Friday, November 11, 2016

no. 84

Back in my craft experimental laboratory, this was taking place yesterday.

A few weeks ago I purchased a pack of flour sack towels, not exactly sure at the time what was to come of them.  To my surprise, obviously I did not pay attention when making the purchase, they are big.  However, just means more of a blank canvas to work with.

I attempted a few different ideas, but with such a large space to fill nothing came out as I had imagined.  Which leads me to the post today.  I think I have finally found the solution by creating my own print using the basic tools: scissors, paper, ruler, pencil, the sewing machine.

This is where the process begins.  Using a scrap piece of paper, I drew out my triangle and cut it out.  I then placed the triangle on the backside of the towel and traced around it.  As you can see from the photo above, the triangles sat one on top of the other.  Once it was all drawn out, the sewing begins.

The best thing, I found at least, is to create a shapes, pattern, etc. that keeps the sewing machine going in one continuous line.  The more you have to pick up the needle and start new, the more likely the threads could come loose with wear.
And this is where I ended up.  Used black stitching first, followed by a bright teal, and ended with a darker teal.

Other designs are in my head at the moment and cannot wait to work on more.

See you back tomorrow with another DIY project and a little more of my tiny textiles.  Have a wonderful Friday!

P.S. A little sneak peek of what happens when I have a drill in the house.

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