Sunday, November 13, 2016

no. 86

I have probably made this many wishes on stars, most likely more, in my lifetime.  I remember laying out in our front yard as a child watching closely for shooting stars.  I spotted a few here and there.  Closed my eyes, tightly.  Wished with all my might on whatever I thought I truly needed at the time.

During this past summer we spent a night camping near Crater Lake in Oregon and boy were there stars out that night!  It brought me back to living in the country growing up and it didn't take too much of an effort to look up and see millions of stars in the sky. 

Fast forward to today and all of the lights of the city cause only a few stars to pop from the night sky.  I see a few constellations, but nothing like when you are free of street lights, store lights, etc. 

May need to find myself a spot in a field again next summer and stay put long enough to find another shooting star.

Hope you are having a fantastic Sunday and be back with a few more projects to share soon!

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  1. Those sweet little stars just make me smile!