Monday, November 14, 2016

no. 87

There is a bit of a haze outside today.  A few sprinkle here and there.  Attempted to take a couple of photos just to find that the haze has been captured as well.  Oh well, still got the shot I suppose.

Being out of the house for a few days, an outing hangover yesterday, and jumping into Monday hoping that what needs to get done gets done.  So far a trip to the post office box, the store for a cat leash and harness (kids have the idea they are going to put the cat on a walk), and finishing the always present pile of laundry and dishes (keeping my fingers crossed gets done).
Last night I finally had a few moments to create this notepad that I have been hoping to get to for weeks.  A bit of printing, sticking, cutting and...sanding (sounds strange, but the pencil was quite the project).  It turned out exactly how I had imagined.

Hope you Monday turns out as you have imagined as well.  Time to roll up my sleeves here and get to a Chemistry lab project that should be quite fun.  A little red cabbage, soda pop, and kids cooking in the kitchen.   We shall see what comes of it all.

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  1. What a cute note pad and I like the dotted pencil! Hope the chemistry project was a success!!