Thursday, December 29, 2016

no. 94

There has been a lot of day dreaming over the past few days.   Several "what if" scenarios dancing through my mind as I rock back and forth in my cozy, squeaky rocking chair.  Not sure if any of them are leading me in one particular direction, but I am keeping the dazed look, thinking party in my mind going until their is a connection between idea and action.
Guess this is a result of looking for more in life, and what brought me to creating this today. 

It all started with a white tea towel that acted as my blank canvas, one where anything is possible.  Leave the white cloth alone and it will still be useful as a tea towel.  (In my kitchen it wouldn't be clean for long, but still it would serve a purpose.)  What happens next, when you place that towel in crafty hands, is a whole different story.

First came the black thread stitched outline of the flower layers.  A bit of free-styling here.  Next, picking out the colors of thread to get me to the next step.  Then, onto the stitching.  Each layer unique from the others.  In the end, all of the layers come together, each one different, to create something that no longer resembles a plain, white tea towel.

The most amazing outcome to a project is that everyone has their vision of what is possible.  Not everyone would choose to take the same steps.  Not everyone would pick the same threads. 

The is the beauty of a blank canvas, anything is possible.