Saturday, January 7, 2017

no. 102

The weekend is here and I am ready to ... prop ?!?

I have been creating shadowbox framed art for a while now and was wanting so badly to show it off in my CPT kind of way.  While my kiddos were still in bed, and on my way to run errands, I took a few moments to myself to grab a coffee and head to the craft store.  I was determined to find something.

After spending a few hours painting it was finally done!  Happy with the outcome, just that darn "P" will not stand up straight.  May need to whip out the glue gun.

Get the whole weekend to work on perfecting it, just a brief outing tomorrow with my bestie in the (what is supposed to be) cooler weather.  Love sweater weather!

Hope you are filling your weekend with something that makes your fingers, toes, heart and soul happy!

See you on Monday!

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