Monday, January 9, 2017

no. 103

Well, it is the start of the week and I am ready!  What I am ready for is a bit up in the air, but I am ready with my tennis shoes on.

To say that this year has started off with me sprinting towards my goals is an understatement.  There are plans in place, actions being taken, and ideas being recorded.  All that is left is the patience, time, and self encouragement (something that is lacking at times).

One thing I am confident about, spending more time sewing and creating.  That is a given, something that I cannot see this year without.  Been there, done that, never again.  Amazing how one little machine, the most basic sewing machine around I am certain of that, can bring so much joy.  Although football tried to drown me out this weekend, my sewing machine was hard at work, humming away to create a series of art pieces I am excited to share with you over the next few weeks.
Time to dig into the school week routine, rally up the kiddos and get our day started.  Just as much as they look forward to the end of the school day, I cross my fingers that my work is wrapped up around the same time so I can play around with my "toys".

Enjoy your Monday, the start of your week, and hoping you get time to play!