Tuesday, January 10, 2017

no. 104

Waking up on this Tuesday morning, sun shining, kids filled with some Panera breakfast, and fingers crossed we have a good day.  Why is my heart beating just a bit faster?  Why did I spring out of bed, open all of the windows, and greet my boys with a cheery "good morning"?  Well, this is why.

Testing...a whole week of it!

I have one who just does what is asked and doesn't always double check his answers and the other hates not knowing all of the answers and frustration levels rise (already had a few calming sessions to get him through just the first section).  Just hoping once they get into the groove things will be smooth sailing.

While I wait, I am tucked away in the office sharing my project with you today while enjoying my morning snack of pineapple with coconut sprinkled on top.  Yum!
Last night was spent planning out my drill holes and thread for my next ornament.  By this post alone you could probably guess what my favorite color is.  The threading this time around had to be done with patience.  A long strand of thread can easily become a tangled mess...been there, done that.  I also thought about how I wanted the back side to be clean and have a defined pattern as well.  Achieved...yeah! Created a matching tassel this morning and probably head to the craft store for a nice bead or two to add, as I did with this one below.

Once that is done...not quite sure.

I hear feet moving about upstairs.  Until next time!


  1. This is such a creative project, I never would have through of drilling holes and stitching a piece of wood like this! You're DA BOMB!

  2. Fabulous ornaments Andrea!! Sure hope the testing went well this week!