Wednesday, January 11, 2017

no. 105

It's that time of year when I am reminded that Easter is just around the corner from a very anxious kid who's birthday happens to land in the same month.  Being that we just wrapped up Christmas, I seem to repeat "well, maybe for your birthday" quite frequently.  This year is no exception.

When money was gifted to him this holiday season my usual little saver became a hurry and spend it kind of kid.  This was evident when the other night he asked if he could sell an item, which he hasn't even received yet, in order to save money to buy another, even better item that he found online in a matter of seconds.  This is where the line "well, maybe for your birthday" is continuously repeated, hoping that one time he listens and understands.
There are three more months of this routine ahead of me.  Not sure if it is his age, whether his bored most days is leading to him searching the computer for cool new gadgets, or there is a money tree somewhere that he knows about that we don't.  Whatever the case, I am kind of wishing that an empty box would entertain him like it did when he was a toddler.   Much more affordable and less of a hassle.

They are always surprising me!

Hope you are enjoying your week.  Back to testing today, packaging a few orders, and definitely spending some time digging into the crafty supplies.  There is more than one reason why waking up to an alarm in the morning is needed.  Need plenty of time to fit in all my favorite things in a day.   


  1. I was smitten with the little fox, but this bunny might just win me over!!