Saturday, January 14, 2017

no. 108

There were many moments last night when I felt as if I was being buried by my pile of scrap felt.  There I was, cutting, stitching, assembling when I looked up and there were tiny pieces of felt....EVERYWHERE.  I refuse to throw any out, so as you could imagine, my scrap pile is now not so well contained in a box and may be time to upgrade to a small bin of some sort.  Eventually I will part with them if the pieces get too small where they really cannot be used for anything, but until then...they are staying put.

Working on filling the shop this weekend between cleaning the house, watching a new show on Netflix (which is quite entertaining and quirky), and taking a much needed walk with my little pup and the boys.  All in all, a pretty great weekend ahead and even the large stack of dishes in the sink isn't bringing me down.  Although, can someone please tell me why kids choose new glasses each time they have something to drink that by the end of a day the cupboards are empty and glasses are scattered around the house.  We have even gone to color glasses, each of us having our own color, and that has not worked.  Still fine tuning this, but I think our dishwasher was made just to wash cups at this point.
Had fun searching through the bead aisle at the craft store yesterday for the finishing touch on my wood ornaments.  They are all so amazing, but ended with six different the ceramic ones, like this one above.  Came home and went to work making the tassels and finishing each one..  Ready to work on the fourth.  Have the pencil marks on the wood and ready to be drilled.  Sawdust to add to my work space....nice.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you back soon, as usual :)

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