Tuesday, January 17, 2017

no. 110

The buzz of the sewing machine has already begun this morning.  As the school day begins, and the kids sit down to do their morning work, I take my seat across the table and start my creative day.  A little sewing, pausing to answer questions, a little cutting and assembling, pausing to read and discuss Beowulf, and we make it to lunch break.  Of course there are a few bumps along the way, and today was no exception.  Often the case the first day of the week.

Following one day of cleaning and one day with friends, I think my creative block has lifted.  Beginning to assemble my next piece of framed art this morning, little by little.
This being my second go at little Ms. Owl, I think I have finally found a color combination that makes me super smiley.  Some embroidery touches, a cute bow atop her head, and now onto stitching the fabric.

Wishing you have very lovely, peaceful, creative, and just all around happy day! 

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