Wednesday, January 18, 2017

no. 111

It is that time of our morning when the kids shuffle down the stairs with their blankets and pillows in tow and our day begins.  It seems like just a couple of hours ago I was begging for them to get in bed and fall asleep.  Not sure what it is, but as they get older the normal nine o'clock, be in bed asleep is long gone.  I am pretty sure we fall asleep first most nights.  This explains why I use an alarm to get up most catch a couple of hours in a quiet house while they are snug, asleep in their beds.

Last night, as I made a complete mess of my work space...again, spent time planning out my fourth piece of embroidered wood.  It was the first time I drew out a pattern, drilled a couple of holes and realized that my plan wouldn't work.  So that piece was put aside and will be used another day.  Grabbed the next piece, a ruler, and started drawing.
There it is.  The fourth piece to complete the collection.  There are so many more ideas lingering and several pieces of wood waiting to be embroidered.  As I think about my next pattern and color combination I should have plenty of time to untangle the massive ball of embroidery thread that sits upon my desk.  Not sure how that happens, but it is what it is.

Preparing for our first day of archery lessons, moving on after the boys growing disinterest in fencing.  Need to think of a backup if archery doesn't workout.  Not sure I am thrilled about tromping around Florida fields (I have a complete fear of snakes).   Hoping I see nothing slithery today...please, oh please.

See you tomorrow with a brand new project I started on yesterday, if I survive an hour in the countryside.

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  1. Four pretty little masterpieces! Hope the archery went well and without a snake encounter LOL!!