Thursday, January 19, 2017

no. 112


Tiny living, tiny crafting, tiny everything.

Something that is appealing to me is the tiny house movement.  Not sure if it is the small organized space, the freedom of not being attached to one place, or the lack of a mortgage.  Maybe a mix of all three.  Whatever it is, the thought of living tiny peaks my curiosity.

In Florida standards, we seem to already be living tiny.  We each have a place to sleep, a place to sit and if we all stand in the kitchen we can't open a thing.   There is no need for more space, as that may just require more cleaning and I am not a fan of that.  I would even be happy with getting rid of our master closet and bath, and maybe even the kids closets.  Find that they are just a place where things, like dirty clothes, hide.

This year, while back in Oregon, I truly thought I would see a tiny house rolling down the highway.  Unfortunately, I did not see one.  Still keeping an eye out at all times.

I love the idea of tiny.  Tiny spaces which are filled with things you truly love, need and even want without feeling overwhelmed with having to fill walls and rooms with things that are unnecessary.    It has taken me almost 40 years to realize that the basics are satisfying, enough, simple and make my life just as full.

Although I desire to live in a tiny house one day, I have been told by my hubby that he will require two just for himself.  One filled with his music studio equipment and not quite sure why he would need a second, but maybe that is his way of saying it's not going to happen.  Oh well, just keep dreaming away.

Even though that may not become my reality, I will still watch, plan, and dream about our future tiny home when the boys are off to college.  As long as I could still create and my husband can play music we will be happy anywhere.

 See you tomorrow to share more from my tiny little creative space.

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  1. Now that's a pretty tiny house. I like the light wood, makes it look open and airy. My husband and I wonder if we could live in one. As long as I had a teeny crafting space in that tiny house I think I would be ok!! I like the pink on your wood piece today. If wood can be feminine, this is!