Friday, January 20, 2017

no. 113

I was reminded yesterday, by my sweet mother, that all artists find their niche.  After years of gluing, cutting, stitching, layering, I hope I am close to finding mine.
Over the years I have tried it all...I think.  Clay, paper, fabric, felt, embroidery, jewelry, painting...sure there are more I could list, but you get the point.  Ten years later, kids becoming teenagers (needing me a little less), having the time and the desire to be artistic has led me to the elements and tools I love the most.

When my kids were in elementary school they had an art teacher who constantly put them down.  When they would come home saying that their teacher criticized them for not copying her work perfectly it broke my heart.  I still wonder if she understood the concept of art and how her behavior would impact young children.  Completely took the joy out of expressing themselves artistically.  So, with all my might, I have tried hard to erase the damage she had done and show them how art is personal, can bring so much joy, and not everyone will have the same taste or vision.  This is where I tie in the fact that they enjoy certain video games that I don't (only Mario for me), and that is ok.  Always a go to example.

As I get closer to finding my artistic niche, I find more peace and joy in diving into the creative process.  This time's full steam ahead and there is no looking back.

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  1. Another perfectly delightful wound piece Andrea! I am appalled to think any kind of teacher would do that to a child. Good for you to try to set an example for them and help them grow. Yay Mom!!