Sunday, January 22, 2017

no. 115

There are moments when the creative factory shuts down in my brain.  Days when I wake up with the intention of sitting at the craft table and working away....then, nothing.  Today I place the blame on the incoming clouds and stormy weather that we are about to have along with the fact that my work space is a MESS!  It is amazing how things just snowball and suddenly I am shuffling through piles of tiny scraps to find hidden scissors, strands of thread or whatever else is hiding under them.

So in a moment of creativity I went the paper route today.  A little polka dot will make anyone happy, right?  It did, and it seemed to clear the way for a productive rest of the afternoon.  One room, one project, one more idea down. 
As my husband watches the football games, the kids are in their rooms getting in some video game time before the school week begins, and I get to sit here listening to my favorite Pandora channel.  Think I require a good dose of music everyday to keep me going, and making sure I fit it in on this rainy day.

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