Friday, January 27, 2017

no. 120

Laughter sure is the best sound that I could hear.

This week has been full of giggly moments for which I am very thankful.  My boys are the funniest and keep me laughing most days.  They have been practicing for years trying to tell jokes and stories that will send anyone into roaring laughter.  My youngest will put anything together, and if you aren't laughing along he will just begin to add silly words to get the ball rolling.  My oldest is much more calculated and if things are going awry that is the end of it.

As they grow it keeps getting better.  The teasing, the gotcha moments, the goofiness are always evolving.  They are getting good.

I have always been a believer in laughter is the best medicine.  There is something about the way a laugh can echo throughout our home and just make stress and worry melt away.    It is also amazing to see how my kids have found their own comedic voices to lift each others spirits.  Even though they have their own methods, we all are smiling in the end.

Been putting together little sayings recently, as you may have notice, of things that I find myself often repeating to both myself and my kids.  Simple, to the point, and with a splash of color.  Fun.

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