Tuesday, January 31, 2017

no. 123

✮  heart FELT expression

The week began unlike most weeks here.  A few gloomy days, both inside and out, followed by a case of the sniffles.  Not exactly what I would choose, but that is life.  Kind of chooses for us at times.  So, after a night of pushing myself, I thought I would wake up and create the next heart FELT expression to add to my collection. 

These make me happy.  They are colorful, cheery, and are usually things I repeat to myself or my boys on a regular basis.  I am at that stage with them where repetition is key, although they seem to disagree much of the time.  Oh well.  I have five years until my oldest is officially an adult and I view it as I only have five years to cram in all the knowledge and experience for him to be a successful one.  Believe me, I know that is completely unrealistic, but a mama's gotta try!

I know in the Wizard of Oz the lion had the courage, but today it is my little white tiger.  Lately I have been starting my little critters with one color, ditching it and restarting in another.  This one was no exception.  He started orange, traditional tiger colors, but went white.  
When I was little we took a road trip down to the San Diego Zoo.  During our visit I remember being face to face with an adorable little white tiger cub.  The first and only time I ever pet a tiger.

Now that the sun is shining, coffee starting to kick in, and my boys are ready to jump into schoolwork....have a WONDERFUL day!

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