Tuesday, January 3, 2017

no. 98

There are moments when I wish I could just turn back the clock, just a tad, and start the day over.  When everyone is a bit cranky, not wanting to roll out of bed (including me today), and starting work is the last thing on our minds.  Then starts the bickering, the complaining, the...yelling, the tugging and pulling to get what we need to get done, finished and packed away.

Thankful for when 3:30 rolls around!  When the textbooks are stacked on their shelves not so neatly, their rooms are "kid" picked up, and we all head off to indulge a bit in our hobbies for the next couple of hours until dinner routine begins.
My soft place to fall today is at the craft table.  Fiddling with some felt and thread.  Making my fingers, heart and soul completely filled with joy while the dishes and laundry wait for just a bit longer.

Each day there is a struggle, as it happened this morning, we know that when 3:30 rolls around we will be happy about completing our tasks, being together, and knowing that a day can have both ups and downs.

Gotta love all of the moments I suppose.

FYI: Going to be posting another veggie/farmer's market piece tomorrow.  Time to go find inspiration for my next pick.

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  1. These are adorable Andrea! And I agree, sometimes we do need a soft place to land ;)