Wednesday, January 4, 2017

no. 99

Well, the farmer's market post will have to wait one more day. This little chick has been clucking along in my mind for the past few days and I finally was able to sit down last night and start putting the pieces together. The cool weather hasn't even hit us yet and I am here already thinking spring.   Yikes!

One of my dreams is to one day be back in the country, with a big ol' garden, a few farm animals scattered about (nothing too difficult to manage), and being able to look out any window and see trees (I'm talking a ton of trees).  I can just imagine the quiet and long for that peacefulness.  However, I understand now that no one geographical place is the perfect place to be and maybe just dreaming about it is enough.  I guess I can't truly imagine myself chasing down chickens in a coop or rounding up goats, and by the way do you even round up goats? 

Side note, my husband had a bad experience with a goat as a kid being headbutted into sticker bushes, so probably no goats on our tiny farm anyway.

So Pinterest is there to fill my head with images of what could be and maybe one day we will move just a tad closer to the country and that is fine by me.


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  1. I would say you round up goats...carefully and maybe wearing hockey gear!! Your little chick is adorable!