Friday, February 3, 2017

no. 125

Bringing you a little something fluffy to start the weekend.  A project that requires just a bit of yarn, two beads, a tiny square of felt white and yellow felt, and some ribbon.  Quite easy, can be a little messy with all of that fuzz, but in the end you get a little pom-pom critter all your own.

This is what I shared years ago with how to create a pom-pom bunny.  Similar to how to create the chick and duck.
With the baby duck I sewed the felt elements, including tiny wings for the sides (may be difficult to see in the photo).  

Pom-poms just make me happy, how about you?


  1. This is absolutely adorable. Yes, I love pom-poms! I keep buying yarn to make some pom-pom buntings for my studio, but it has yet to happen. Last week I bought a pen in the Target dollar section that had a pom-pom on top and it said you're the pom! My daughter and I are going to make some for her friends.

    1. Love it! Just stocked up on yarn. The plan is to put them to use...I hope.