Tuesday, February 7, 2017

no. 126

Need more POM-POM?  I do!

Made the excuse to head to the pet store yesterday and what happens to be next to it?  The craft store, of course.  Headed back to the yarn department on a mission.  Came right home and started creating.  Love this yarn: 100% cotton, soft, forms well and oh so fluffy!  Think I am still picking fuzz off of me.

Working on a better picture of this little gal.  She is made up of a a very pale peach tone yarn, with a white belly and tail.  More to share tomorrow.

Created this last week, after I fell off my "balance beam" a few times.  Some weeks just have a few more bumps than others.


  1. This is precious!! So soft and sweet Andrea!!

  2. I read this post right before going to sleep last night and I sooooo want to learn how to make one! Two-toned pom-poms are a bit tricky though right? What's the trick?

    1. Stay tuned. I will share that soon. It is easy, but still trying to perfect it. Go make some pom-poms!