Friday, February 10, 2017

no. 128

To say that yesterday had a few bumps is a complete understatement.  So here is how it went...

A new box of crackers were spilled all over the office floor, where food is supposed to be restricted.  Thankfully the dog licked up what we missed.

-  The large smoothie, that was a special request from my oldest, ended up on the living room rug.  He pointed the finger at the cat, who fled.  I pointed my finger at the blanket that he had hanging over the side of the couch.  What really matters is that it happened, it was a lot, and the rug is now slightly more pink in that area.

-  Our mini cellphone tower wasn't working, causing me to hover around the side windows in my house if I wanted to communicate with the outside world.

-  On my second load of laundry, a very loud squeaking noise echoed through the halls.  It was our died!

-  After looking forward to a night kid free this weekend, I got a message that our friends little one was sick and that we may have to postpone a sleepover.

It was enough to get me to take it out on the this little fluffy chick.  Cutting all of the yarn, snip-snip-snipping away helped.   Maybe the bright color helped too.  I know this much, if today has as many bumps I am locking myself in the closet until it is all over.

What do you do when you have off days?

Note:  Working on a tutorial to show how to create a multi-colored pom-pom.  Will share more next week!


  1. Going into the weekend, sitting here with a stuffy nose and scratchy throat, doesn't seem quite so bad after reading about your day yesterday LOL! Holy smokes! The chickie is a definite pick me up ;)

    1. Feel better Lisa! Thankful we made it to the weekend and can relax a bit. Luckily I have a bag a yarn in all sorts of colors so I am ready for anything.