Saturday, February 11, 2017

no. 129

It is the weekend and what better time to relax and enjoy some creative time at the table, right?  Everyone has taken their usual place in the house.  Kids jumping from the park, to strolls with friends, and back home hanging out in their rooms.  Husband, taking in a nap and movie.  The pets have found their sleeping spot for the next few hours.  That leaves my bedroom, baking in the sun on the patio, or at the craft table.  Guess what I picked?
Over the past couple of months I have heard the saying "tiny is the new trendy".  I know this refers to the tiny house movement I love so much, but in my crafty world it is all about the felt.  The most recent addition are these.
When a scrap pile of felt meets a circle and leaf die cut followed by a needle and thread you have these tiny fuzzy caterpillars.  They make me smile.  All that color in less than an inch, oh yeah!

Are you a scrap pile crafter?

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