Thursday, February 23, 2017

no. 136 {DIY recipe: felt embellished wreath}

The sun is slightly shining, looking forward to a few hours of quiet, kid free time this morning, and ready to share the next installment of the DIY Recipe.  Let's get started!
Last week I shared this heart FELT expression with you and thought it would make for the perfect DIY breakdown.  Realizing that not everyone has a sewing machine or die cuts, this recipe can be altered to best use the supplies you may.  The variations are as follows:

1.  Instead of sewing the three overlapping circles try drawing, stamping, or even gluing thread to the paper to create the base of your wreath.

2.  If you don't have a die cut for the tiny leaves just take your scissors and cut away at some felt.  This is a very simple cut.  Two arches and your are done.

Now, time to make a embellished wreath of your very own!  What technique will you use?

Happy crafting!

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