Monday, February 27, 2017

no. 139 {Critter art: this little piggy}

Who's in a pink mood? 


Happy Monday and ready to jump into a week of gettin' stuff done. After a tossing and turning kind of night, out of coffee morning, and pom-pom fuzz that stretches across the house, I am ready to create. 

Although I promised a pom-pom DIY recipe this week, hoping for sharing that tomorrow, I wanted to share a new little critter that popped in the old noggin' this morning.  Inspired by both a piggy pom-pom critter that will be gracing the pages of the blog this week, curly tail and all, and a sweet lady who asked me to make a few custom brooches for her a few weeks back.   The pattern was made, the felt was flying, and stitched, snipped and stitched some more.  Added a alligator clip to the back and there you have it.  Plush, pink and ready to go!

If you are ready to pom-pom see you back here in the next day or two. 

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